Women..Friendship..Chick Relationships

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” – Plato

I’m not the typical blogger, I’d rather let the pictures I post speak for themselves but I felt compelled to blog today. Usually if its non-productive I try not to entertain it nor repeat it…I feel that its a waste of time to complain and gossip all day. After going through an old photo album I seen a few faces that I hadn’t seen in a while. None of these “friendships” ended on a sour note, we just kind of went our separate ways. One person outgrows the other or they simply change for the better or worse and the friendship eventually dissolves. I truly believe that some people are around for a season, when its all said and done its over….New day….Keep it moving, keep on pushing.I am thankful for the good times but the chemistry faded, it expired. Learn from it.

The thing that puzzles me most about women is the amount of hate women dish on each other. Rather than uplift, encourage, compliment our fellow sister we hate on them. I have been on group chats with women and they would take turns dogging another woman for hours straight. Talking about everything from her relationship, her finances, her appearance when in reality the chick they are dogging makes all those hateful women look like the bottom of an UGG boot! Does it make you feel better to put somebody else down? Why do it? Then you have the fake folks who have mastered the art of being fake…and as soon as you turn your back they are running you in the ground. Then you have the ones who are only around to be in your world, your business. They spend countless hours tracing your steps trying to find validity in your life looking for error so they can talk about you!

A former co-worker of mine spent hours looking up fellow co-workers private info online so she could talk about who’s house is in foreclosure…who went to jail and what for. I’d look at her with her sharp pointy horns and shake my head in disgust. Like, is your life so miserable that you get off by reading about the next man’s misfortune? Gimme a dayum break! Get some business pronto!

I’ve had the same FRIENDS for 10/15 years. I have tons off associates but about 7-8 TRUE FRIENDS. These are the ladies who have been down since the ramen noodles days in college and long before. They love me unconditionally and got my back through hell or high water.I may be an oddball but I LOVE to see people happy and in love. I love to witness the purchase of a new car or home. I love to hear about a new engagement, marriage or the birth of a new baby. It brings me joy and its also encouraging. To see someone earn their doctorate degree or buy a 6 figure house inspires me. Why get jealous? I know my breakthrough is coming and when I get it I want those around me to share in my joy…its a celebration!

My advice to you bitter messy miserable people is to GET IT TOGETHER! People can see your green skin glowing from envy. Its pitiful and appalling (sp) and you look ridiculous. So what if she has more or less than you? SO WHAT!! Go get yours and stop worrying about the next person…work harder, be smarter, love more, laugh more, hug somebody but whatever you do stop being that crab in the bottom of the barrel trying to bring everybody down because life has whooped your azz!

We’ve all had hard times even when it looks like the grass is greener on the other side. Embrace your pale green grass, water it more, add better soil, step up your game! Riches don’t bring total and complete happiness. A good man doesn’t bring complete total happiness, I should know..my husband and I have been married almost 12 years and there are times when I want to just scream from frustration! He is a FANTASTIC husband but he ain’t perfect! PERIOD. ..I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Before you roll your eyes at the chick that seems to have the perfect body, career, spouse, car, and life…just remember everything that glitters isn’t gold. That sista could have been through the blues, you just never know. Compliment that sista, even if she blows you off…don’t stop showing love. Don’t stop loving…Hate in your heart is a disease and it spreads like a cancer.Step your game up. Pull out your freakum dress, do your hair, loose some weight, go back to school, start dating, fix your credit, drink more water, exercise, get a hobby..PRAY and do whatever it takes to get to your goal. Don’t HATE..appreciate! We gotta do better ladies.

3 thoughts on “Women..Friendship..Chick Relationships

  1. All I can say is that I'm glad I can call you a friend. What I love most about you is that you're so welcoming. We met online & I won't lie I was scared to meet you & the other ladies because I didn't know what I was walking into.

    I've been a victim of catty women & I didn't want to get my feelings hurt, but you & the other girls are far from that.

    Everyone is so loving, warm, encouraging, inspiring… it's refreshing.

    I agree “don't stop showing love”.

  2. Thank you Angel, I am humbled by your post. I'm also encouraged to STAY positive. Don't be a stranger!

    Shantel- Honey bun, you have been such a pleasure..an absolute joy to have in my life. We met online but I love you like I love my other FRIENDS. We fell in love with your pleasent friendly self that's why we welcomed you with open arms. The crew is solid because we have all generally care for each other. A Lifetime Bond and I am glad I met you, everybody thinks you are cooler than the other side of the pillow! HUGS!

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