Happy Labor-FREE Day!

My labor day weekend was a blast! Mommy’s Day out with my homeslizzles on Saturday. We Mommy’s need time away from the little ones every once and a while. So everyone met at my house and we all carpooled to Pearls, a fabulous seafood/bar/grill type resturant! OMG! We were so greedy. Great laughs..great drinks…great company! Some of the crew couldn’t make it but we all have a date in 2 weeks so we’ll make it up. From there we went to a jewlery store. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, hair jewlery, shades, purses..we were in girly heaven! Then back to my house for more drinks!! We were fadedddd!! So by 9:30 we were yawning like a bunch of old women!! LOL! Everybody went home about 11:ish! You gotta love food/retail/drinks and relaxing with some positve women! Then on Sunday my sister came over with her fiance. I pulled out the board games because I LOVE board games!! I am the Monopoly Deal CHAMP, but somehow I managed to get whooped by my sister on her first two rounds ever playing the game. Then her fiance beat me on the next game!! If that wasn’t bad enough my own 10 1/2 year old child beat me. 2 hours pass by and I’m still loosing..what gives? LOL! It was fun just to have them over for a bite to eat and a little sibling rivalry!! he-he

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