Eco Friendly Furniture

Pie Sushi Daybed

The delightfully playful, curvy Sushi Daybed by Pie is constructed from handwoven water hyacinth that is wrapped tightly around a durable rattan frame. Water hyacinth is a highly renewable natural fiber that grows so quickly in parts of Asia it is often considered an environmental nuisance. Visit

Zelfo Australia Peanut Chair

Zelfo is a strong, light, pliable material formed from natural fibers, recycled paper and other raw cellulose materials. The whimsical, unique Peanut Chair dazzles in an array of colors on a swivel chrome base. Visit

Wood Stripe Nightstand

Iannone’s Wood Stripe cabinets are made from renewable bamboo, Forest Stewardship Council-certified birch and domestic solid walnut. Finished with a low-VOC, water-based lacquer, these clean, modern pieces come in three sizes. They work great as nightstands. Visit

Voyage Bed

Integrating green design, exotic resources and innovative, handmade production techniques, Kenneth Cobonpue offers an exciting alternative to conventional home style. The Voyage Bed is made from organic bamboo, rattan and abaca. Visit

Spring Chair by Modern Bamboo

Bamboo’s strength and flexibility make the Spring Chair by Modern Bamboo a buoyant, elegant rocker for modernity. Bamboo, a rapidly renewable grass requiring very little water, is a favorite wood alternative among many contemporary eco-designers. Visit

Juliana Armchair

The Juliana Armchair is formed from solid Brazilian hardwood harvested from sustainable resources. It was hand-carved in a small factory in Brazil, created by Brazilian designer Aristeu Pires exclusively for Design Within Reach. A non-VOC, water-based finish gives the chair a sleek and reflective veneer. Visit

Ellipse Table

Handcrafted from exotic amboyna and black walnut, both Forest Stewardship Council-certified woods, the Ellipse Table is designer John Wiggers’s salute to eco-minimalism. Additional leaves allow you to comfortably serve 6 diners. Visit

EcoSystems Table

It has gotten easier to find great furniture with style and value, and that also goes easier on the planet. For example, EcoSystems’ Glass Table has ingenious Snug-It Connectors that allow for their high quality furniture to be shipped flat (saving space), and assembled without tools. They also have a variety of wood materials for any budget, ranging from FSC-certified bamboo to reclaimed teak. Finishes and materials are low VOC to protect indoor air quality. Visit

Cork Table and Stool

Jasper Morrison’s simple table and stool are both made from solid cork, a sustainable material harvested from the renewable bark of trees. Cork is famously lightweight and spongy, making Morrison’s stool a remarkably comfortable addition to any seating arrangement. Check out

Cisco Betula Chaise

Take a rest from chemically tainted upholstery on this classic-lined natural latex chaise lounge from Cisco Brothers. The entire collection is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and organic, from seed to shelf. Visit

Bodyform Chair by J. Persing
The graceful Bodyform chair from J. Persing is made from a single piece of ply-bent wood. Therefore, it requires one-eighth the amount of lumber as conventional wood chairs. Sinuous curves aside, the chair is undeniably comfortable. Visit

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