Tyra wearing her "natural" hair..

Tyra recently did a show where she revealed her real hair. While it was very interesting to see the strands that grow from Tyra’s head, I was over it after about 5 minutes. I’m cool with wigs, weave, extentions or whatever. I love the versatility of “fake” hair! I can understand Tyra wanting to switch things up and rock her own hair. I just think it was kinda corney, I’on know but I wasn’t really moved. It seemed so scripted. *yawning* These pics of her impressed me more because of her flawless skin, than whether she had on a phony pony or not??!! I am all for being NATURAL but the whole show was just so extra. I could be on one, but I’m just saying. LOL! I soweey Tyra, you know I lub you gurl!! (like she is really reading this) <—ha-ha-he!

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