What can you do? YOUR GREEN SOLUTION

Ten easy things you can do for Earthday and Everyday!
10. Buy Local: Buying Local is a great way to be nice to the Earth and your community. Buying from local companies keeps three times more money in the community then buying from chain stores. Buying locally produced products also keeps products from having to travel thousands of miles before they can be used.
9. Organic products: Organic products remove chemicals and pesticides from the things you use, eat or wear. Pesticides are not used when the plant is growing chemicals arenÕt used in the manufacturing or preserving of the products. See our organic cotton kitchen and clothes
8. Recycling: Many different items can be Recycled, like soda cans, glass, plastic bottles, tin foil, paper, computers, batteries, cell phones, print cartridges, printers, and even car tires. VULCANA makes Coasters and Binders from recycled car tires!
7. Skoy Cleaning Cloth: We use paper towels to clean up messes in every room of the house. One Skoy cleaning cloth will save 15 rolls of paper towels. Not only do these cleaning cloths save trees they are completely biodegradable.
6. Kill-A-Watt: We all know the buying energy efficient appliances will lower your electric bills. However, how do you know if your current appliances are energy efficient? The Kill-A-Watt will measure the electric usage of all your appliances.
5. Power Strip: Your appliances use electric even if they are not on. Our Energy Saving Smart Strip will completely cut the electric use of your home entertainment system or computer system when they are turned off.
4. Solar products: Solar is a completely free way to charge your electronic devices or cook your food. What a great alternative to electricity!
3. Natural Cleaners: Most cleaners are made from toxic chemicals. How safe are they when you have to wear gloves to clean your house? Our Natural Cleaners donÕt use any of these chemicals but still clean your house.
2. Bags: We use bags everywhere we go, but which is better: plastic or paper? The answer is neither. Both have big drawbacks, which is why reusable bags are the best way to go. View all of our reusable and biodegradable bags.

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