Cara B Naturally is for ME!!

I won! I won!! A few months ago I won a box of Cara B products from Candice, founder of Simplistic Chic , I was so geeked because I never win anything from the 50-11 giveaways that I enter..So to find out that I won was awesome!!

As you can see my daughter’s hair is very thick, kinky and it is very tangled in this pic. Usually I try to refrain from allowing her to wear her hair down for extended periods of time. It is a nightmare to comb her hair when its tangled for she and I.

After taking all of the hair accessories out her hair I bathed her with the Baby Bar Soap Bundle. It was very mild, I loved how the scent wasn’t overwhelming. The smell was sweet yet subtle, the soap lathered up rather quickly. I felt comfortable allowing her to bathe herself with the bar soap unlike other brands that can be too strong. After she was nice and clean I wet her hair and lathered in the Shampoo / Body Wash. This shampoo/wash lathered up quickly and had a silky feel to it. It felt like it was lotion in the shampoo because her hair and skin felt so soft. A small amount of lather got in her eyes and she did not flinch. That is so comforting for a parent who has a small child, tear free natural products are always a plus!! My daughter has a very mild case of excema and the Cara B products didn’t iritate her skin like some “natural” products have done in the past. The shampoo doubles as a body wash and I have even used it as a bubble bath.

After rinsing all of the shampoo out her hair I added the Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer which instantly moisturized. The sweet almond smell was so yummy!! Her hair started waving up…it had a ‘wash-n-g0’ look to it…I could have put on a head band and sent her on her way. It was so cute and SOFT!! The awesome thing for a parent with a child who hates to have their hair washed is that the conditioner was a leave-in. YAY!! We didn’t have to rinse the conditioner out! YES!!!

Since my daughter has sensitive skin I only use 100% unrefined raw shea butter because of her excema…I took a small chunk of shea butter and squeezed some Body Lotion and mixed it together. It worked like a charm!! It mixed very well and gave the boring shea butter smell a kick of yummy goodness!! The almond and jojoba oil was so sweet…we were kissing all over her because she smelled so good. After she was dressed I combed her hair with the Moisturizing Hair Mist which is awesome as a detangler. The usual chore of combing her hair is so much easier with the Cara B products.

The whole family has used these products. The Moisturizing Hair Mist with shea butter is what I use when I twist my hair. I love that these products aren’t greasy and sticky!

Where have these products been my whole life!!!???? Thank you Simplistic Chic and thank you Cara B Naturally!!!

The box included::

*Shampoo / Body WashTear-free, extra rich lather, and silky clean

*Moisturizing Hair MistLight-weight shine, no greasy residue. Also perfect for our little boys’ close cuts!

*Baby Bar Soap BundleGentle cleansing, creamy lather with aloe, shea butter, jojoba and palm oil

*Leave-In Conditioner / Daily MoisturizerSoftens with a light touch, non-greasy and non-oily

*Body LotionSmells so good! Light, creamy formula with shea butter and jojoba oil. Clinically tested and allergen free

My squeaky clean, Cara B Naturally sweetie!!

CARA B Naturally™ is a premium quality, genuinely all-natural alternative to products that are currently available for ethnically diverse babies, children and their families.We are dedicated solely to children’s personal care – our singular focus on all-natural skin and hair care products for ethnic babies and children enables our steadfast commitment to that mission. There are many other children’s products that claim to be natural, but still include chemicals and synthetic ingredients. When we say we’re all-natural, we mean it.

CARA B Naturally products are free of parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial fragrances and preservatives. As proof of our commitment to using only natural ingredients, our products have been awarded the coveted Natural Products Association certification – the only personal care product line specifically formulated for ethnic children to earn such a distinction.

At the heart of our company is a desire and goal to promote positive images and messages for and about ethnically diverse children; we believe their natural beauty should be celebrated and treasured. This is a theme that carries from our company logo, to our labeling, and to the quality of our all-natural products.Our customers can feel good about using CARA B Naturally™ – promoting the belief that our Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally™.

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