Spring 2011 Fashion Trends

For those fashionisers who are nautically inclined, Spring 2011 still has something in store. Don’t think of it strictly as a nautical military trend, however. Rather, in 2011, it’s the classic navy and white colour palette, worn as dominant stripes.

Vintage inspiration for your nautical Summer stripes; still perfect for today paired with red lipstick and chunky gold jewelery.

The ultimate balance of lace in 2011 is to be romantic but not over-girly; sensual but not over-suggestive. Like taking beautifully crafted lace that would have once been part of a garment and making it the only layer. The lace isn’t an added detail of a garment, it is the garment. And thus we come to lace skirts and lace dresses. Dare to wear them without a slip underneath. Just keep the cut a little more relaxed or the hem a little longer to maintain that aforementioned balance.
Olivia Palermo in a tiered lace dress, photographed by Stockholm Street Style.
While navy and white stripes are a must for the look (though black and white can also work in 2011), the real key to Summer’s take on nautical stripes is that they dominate the outfit. While they do so in the below look easily (though the plum Doc Martens still seem somewhat heavy), in other outfits it’s about drawing attention to the stripes above all else in the outfit.
Skinny pant cuts may have dominated the landscape for several years now… but there have always been other styles coming and going around the nebulous edges of the fashion world. For spring 2011 the slim-cut, though not necessarily skin tight, cropped pant gets a look in as one of those alternatives, with the option to create a number of different looks out of the style.
There are several different cuts to the capri pant in 2011:

>Pants that are cropped only ever so slightly, to sit just above the ankle.
>More traditional capri pants cut three-quarter, though in 2011 we’re seeing more cut just below the calf than ones that are mid-calf.
>Slim-cut pants that are rolled up to sit above the ankle (a great alternative if you want to give a fresh take to some of your skinnies rather than invest in specifically cropped pairs).
Don’t think of this Summer stripes just as a clothing trend: you can work them into any part of an outfit (just not all at once, please). As you’ll see in the inspiration gallery stripes can dominate an outfit in everything from hats to killer mini-dresses.
Swedish clogs, with their wooden sole and leather upper, have had the largest style impact on the trend. And it’s such a combination of materials that you want to be wearing should you invest in a pair of clogs. Of course, the upper doesn’t have to be leather; the pair of Chanel clogs featured above combine a wooden heel and sole with a studded, linen upper.

This is precisely the sort of lace dress that fits for 2010 / 2011: high quality and detailed with a scalloped hem. The Chanel bag and heavy brown belt work perfectly, though if you wanted to make the look even more sophisticated we’d recommend swapping the cardigan for a tailored cropped jacket or blazer.

Photographed by Street Tonic.

Fashionising.com, with questions such as are skinny jeans still in fashion becoming increasingly frequent. And the short answer is: yes, skinny jeans are still in fashion – they’re going nowhere, at least in terms of trends, fast. But while that’s a fact, 2011’s fashion trends show the inverse to be true: flared jeans and flared trousers are back for both men and women for as a spring 2011 fashion trend.

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