About Me..

Married with Children. Met my college sweetheart in 1995 and we’ve been hanging tough every since. I have two Princesses, they bring sunshine in my life. I am an Educator….teaching is my calling. I have a close circle of friends and family that I adore. I am a proud CHRISTIAN and I roll with President Obama. Treehugger.

I post pictures, music videos and youtube tutorials. I post about new books and music that make me tingle. I post eco-friendly articles and spread awareness about preserving the planet. I post any and everything that involves #naturalhair! I post figure friendly recipes and tips. I post about balling on a budget; fly on a dime. I post about all of my thriftstore finds…oh, and occasionally I blog.

I am plus size, full figured, curvy, phat, fluffy fabulous chica that is a self proclaimed “goof ball”…I have many layers… I am strong, loyal, chill, loving, giving, compassionate, honest woman. No additives or fillers, I am me.

Semi-shy <<<==== my besties would strongly disagree) *giggle*, ”¬†introverted extrovert” pretty much sums it up…I’ll update if I find out something else ABOUT ME along the way. *wink*

“I woke up this morning feeling fresh to def, I’m so Blessed! YES! YES!”

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