Laughter is Food for the Soul!!! Laughing Baby!!!

Every time I see this video I could burst with joy!! Makes me miss my babies at this age. My oldest used to laugh hysterically when I would pop bubble wrap and the sound of zippers…My youngest loved to play with brown paper bags and blowing bubbles. Babies are so innocent and precious, can’t help but to love’em!! Cherish these moments while they are little because they grow up soooo fast. I hope this makes you as happy as it made me this morning!! LOL! Have a great day. (smile)

The Prissy Mommy is featured in the September issue of American Baby!!

The lovely Yakini Etheridge from www. is featured in the September issue of American Baby! The Prissy Mommy is one of my favorite mommy bloggers! Super awesome blog where she shares the joys of raising two adorable little boys in the BIG APPLE. Its so groovy to see her rocking her fabulous makeover in American Baby magazine. Go get your copy!! I HAVE MINE! 😀

Laila Ali, her husband and her adorable son CJ!

I am a huge fan of Laila Ali and decided to search the web looking for pics of her baby. I found very few pics taken from this photo shoot. I also found her blog After browsing her website I found out the reason why pics of her baby are so hard to find, its because she doesn’t want them all over the internet. As a mother I can understand why she isn’t fond of posting pics of her baby. I’m not even a celebrity and at times I take precautionary measures regarding which pics I share with the world.
I am so happy for her! She has a hunk for a hubby and she is just as fabulous as she was pre-motherhood. CJ, short for Curtis Jr. should be a year old and some change. I can only imagine how adorable he is!! Check her blog for updates, pictures and even some of her favorite recipes!!