Happy 3 Year Nappiversary to ME!! Tons of Pics!!!

Late July-Early August 2008…BIG CHOP!!!

^^^ My hair straightened….

This pic was taken the other day….
I’ve had a ball with my natural hair. Its been 3 years of beautiful nappy days. I can’t wait to see what the future holds on this natural hair journey. Even on those bad hair days I’m glad I chopped off all my hair…3 years ago.

Violet Coils!

(click to enlarge)
Spring is in the AIR and in the HAIR!!! I saw this purple tree/bush in full bloom as I was driving home…One of the MANY reasons purple/violet will ALWAYS be my favorite color. Isn’t it gorg? 🙂 In these pics I am wearing my Wash -n- Go hairstyle! I washed, conditioned, moisturized my hair and then I was on my way. It was a warm day so my  hair dried pretty fast…I will be wearing my wild child hair in warmer months…I have major shrinkage in these pics! LOL! I love my nappies.

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Credit: Darryl Calmese Jr.