Find Your Perfect Jeans Style for Your Body Type

What To Look For: If you’re plus-sized, a darker-rinse denim is the way to go—just make sure it’s either straight-legged (slightly form-fitting) or a trouser style. Both of these looks are slimming. Forever 21 Fab Skinny Jeans (Short), $12.50, Forever21
To find the perfect jeans for your body type visit, Cosmo

Curvy Girls UNITE!!

Curvy comes in all shapes and sizes! Whether your size is single or in double digits, embrace your curves!

Jennifer Hudson on the set of ‘Where You At?’ !!

More pics from the set of Jennifer Hudson’s new song “Where You At“!

Here’s a first listen of Jennifer Hudson’s new song “Where You At“!
The ballad, written by R. Kelly and produced by Harvey Mason Jr., is off the 29-year-old singer’s upcoming sophomore album I Remember Me, out March 22.

“This song to me is like what I always wanted to do vocally. As an aspiring writer, just the subject of it means so much to me. It’s simple and it’s something we say every day,” Jennifer shared.


The difference a belt can make…

I’m working on my NYE outfit and pulled out this Vintage dress that I thrifted a while back…I love how good it feels on but I felt frumpy because it just draped over me…I looked like a supersized square. So I decided to add this yellow belt and BAM, I have a smokin’ hot outfit to wear tonight!!! Accessories and a pop of color always does the trick!!

A new wig and a thrift store dress!

Shopping with my birthday gift cards (my bday was Oct 14th)…my friends and fam threw a surprise birthday party for me… They really blew me away with the cake, food, bubbly, gifts..I had a blast. Anywhoo, I decided to wear this wig that I bought at least a year ago. Its called RIHANNA III …Its a bob, the back is totally short…so cute. My vintage dress was $1.75 at the thrift store. That was a good day!!

SAFETY FIRST…Wear your seatbelts, youngins…its the LAW!! LOL!>…. I was sitting at a light, I don’t promote snapping pics while driving!! heehee