Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry has new jewelry for FALL/Winter!!!

Love in the Dark earrings

Heiress necklace (hematite)

Starstruck earrings


Spiral necklace

Spiral earrings


rock candy (hematite) has matching earrings available

Monarch necklace

Monarch earrings

Love and the Dark


holiday charm necklace and earrings

Jet Set

Heiress earrings (hematite)

Cosmopolitan choker

Buttercup AB
If you would like to shop for these exclusive pieces go to:
My consultant # 3862 (you need that number to shop the jewelry)
If you’d like to sell this jewelry or have questions send an email to
Happy Shopping! 🙂

I can’t wait to wear it…

I bought this coat in April from eBay, I paid very little for the coat because it was purchased in the Spring…it wasn’t cold enough to wear it so I just tucked it away in my closet. Fall is coming and I can’t wait to wear this beauty! I love it! This time of year is the best time to purchase a coat. I find sales on winter stuff in the summer and vice versa. Its about that time to purchase your outwear!