1st Day of School & Immunization Blues!

Disclaimer: ***Bragging Mommy Moment!! ***
Kindergarten!! Since she has a late birthday she was in Pre-K last year because she turned 5 AFTER school started. Gotta love Fall babies!! *wink* So this year she really feels like a “big girl”…Reading Level 2 books fluently, we are so proud.
 My 7th grader!! She will be a teenager in a couple of months!! I can’t believe it!! My baby plays basketball and is enrolled in all AP classes this year. Its gonna be tough but she is gonna make us proud like she did last year! #23 Baby!!!!!!
These pix were taken right before school started last year. It was her first year entering public schools so we had to get her ‘school age’ immunizations. She didn’t take it well at all!!!  I was in the corner crying myself. LOL! Its hard to watch your babies get shots even though its for the best. Its just difficult.

Afterwards we got ice cream…she was all better! LOL!
Are your child(s) immunizations current? Vaccine Requirements for your State

Backpacks on a Budget!! DIY: Back To School Edition

Parents, its that time of year again…The kiddies are heading back to school. Getting the kiddos ready to go back to school can be expensive; especially when you have to buy new wardrobes, uniforms, shoes and school supplies. This year I chose to shop around and compare prices. This time last year I spent $34.99 EACH on backpacks that started peeling around the 2nd quarter. This year we set a budget, which meant that I cut costs by 50%. I had to go to Office Depot, Walmart and Best Buy to get the rest of the things on the school supply list but by clipping coupons we saved a ton.
Back To School shopping at the Grocery Store.. Who woulda’ thunk it?
 $6.99 each at the grocery store.
The blue one is for my 5 1/2 yr old…the pink is for my 12 1/2 yr old…

 Since I am the self-proclaimed IRON-ON Queen, we had some iron-on’s already on  hand in our DIY box of goodies. These sheets were approx: $4.99- $7.99 each at Michaels Iron-On Transfers.

My little one cutting the pieces she wants on her backpack…

Ready for Kindergarten!!!

These backpacks have been transformed from basic to personalized which looks more girly and fun!! This works well for boys and girls, all ages!