Hot Hair: The Fiercest Natural Hairstyles (Essence Mag)

Essence hit the streets of New York City to find the coolest new ways to rock curly, coily and kinky tresses. From intricate, twisted updos to halos of fluffy curls, check out these sexy, chic, natural wonders.  Read more: Hot Hair: The Fiercest Natural Hairstyles

Credit: Darryl Calmese Jr.

Its the Recessionista in me!!

Its no surprise that I’m a thrifty chic, I didn’t use to be. When I was a young fool I would use my last dime to look good. I say fool because only a fool would spend their last dime on something as shallow as designer labels. I used to be drenched in the finest but had poor credit living check to check..not a good look. I’m not saying throw away the labels, because I still love a good Chanel bag like the next diva…but I had to get my priorities straight and take care of necessities and building a nest for my future..
Its so many ways to be fierce on a budget and my way is websites like eBay, Craigslist,, the list goes on and on. I have Thrift Store Tuesdays, Flea Market Fridays, Swap Meet Saturdays and garage sales any day of the week!! LOL!
We went to the Flea Market yesterday and a little old lady that is VERY wealthy has a booth there. We are on a first name basis after over a decade of transactions. She finds things for me and saves them to show me when I come by. Usually she has some of the best stuff, she seems to know me so well! This particular time I didn’t like what she had set aside for me but my eyes zoomed in on these pink round earrings that were bedazzled. They were really retro and funky just like I like’em!! I kept digging and found 2 other pair. Only $5 bucks and then she took off 1/2 for being a loyal customer. Its good to have a friendship with this lady, she is so down to earth. She sits in this little chair surrounded by what some would call “junk” but to somebody like me its a playground. One man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure. I am a witness to that. I’m not sure what I will wear these earrings warped from the 1980’s but I’m gonna have fun trying to figure it out! Have a Marvelous Monday!
A link with cool vintage earrings..