Shrinkage 101

I was browsing through recent pics and my hair appears to be the same length for the last year or so. Boy was I wrong!! My hair has a springy, snap-back type of thing going on. Apparently my hair is growing it just doesn’t really show. I tried different techniques like metal clips and shells on the ends of my hair to get it to stretch out…resulting in my hair snapping back in place as soon as I remove the clips. In these pics I am pulling my hair to show the length… I washed my hair after taking these pictures because it really shrinks after it gets wet. (Excuse my matted 2 week old twist out LOL!)

Violet Coils!

(click to enlarge)
Spring is in the AIR and in the HAIR!!! I saw this purple tree/bush in full bloom as I was driving home…One of the MANY reasons purple/violet will ALWAYS be my favorite color. Isn’t it gorg? ­čÖé In these pics I am wearing┬ámy Wash -n- Go hairstyle! I washed, conditioned,┬ámoisturized my hair and then I was on my way. It was a warm day so my┬á hair dried pretty fast…I will be wearing my wild child hair in warmer months…I have major shrinkage in these pics! LOL! I love my nappies.


These are the supplies, I ordered from the links below… The small packages are samples that were like a $1 buck each…Its great to order the samples so you can see how your hair responds to the treatment before buying in bulk…Henna is all NATURAL. =)
Don’t be creeped out by the website, the images are kinda spooky but its all good. Ive always had a pleasant experience purchasing from them…They even except Paypal which is awesome.
I mixed 2 boxes of Henna, Honey, EVOO, conditioner, scented oil, and lavender for fragrance (not pictured)

It looked really gookey…the smell wasn’t as overwhelming as I imagined…

Coated each strand with the mixture, from root to tip…

BEFORE::: Over processed, split ends, damaged hair…. My hair is relaxed in these photos. (pics taken approx. 3 years ago)

After Henna treatment, I clipped my ends….

I was very pleased with the results. My hair was soft, bouncy, and full of luster. One downside of the henna was that my hair was extremely thirsty afterwards. Nothing major, just had to generously oil my scalp.

A few months after the Henna I put a Cherry Cola rinse on my hair. I posted this pic to show that you can color your hair after using henna,…

The pic was taken after using Indigo…It turns your hair like a blue-black hue. Its 100% natural as well, just add water and apply!!

This pic is a request from a follower of the blog, she wanted to see how my hair looked after the BC!! This is for you girl!!! This is a month or so after cutting my hair..around 8/2008… Rockin‘ the Florida Evans fro!!! LOL