Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy & Jess

I love it!! Check out their website!!

Happy 3 Year Nappiversary to ME!! Tons of Pics!!!

Late July-Early August 2008…BIG CHOP!!!

^^^ My hair straightened….

This pic was taken the other day….
I’ve had a ball with my natural hair. Its been 3 years of beautiful nappy days. I can’t wait to see what the future holds on this natural hair journey. EvenĀ on thoseĀ bad hair days I’m glad I chopped off all my hair…3 years ago.

Shrinkage 101

I was browsing through recent pics and my hair appears to be the same length for the last year or so. Boy was I wrong!! My hair has a springy, snap-back type of thing going on. Apparently my hair is growing it just doesn’t really show. I tried different techniques like metal clips and shells on the ends of my hair to get it to stretch out…resulting in my hair snapping back in place as soon as I remove the clips. In these pics I am pulling my hair to show the length… I washed my hair after taking these pictures because it really shrinks after it gets wet. (Excuse my matted 2 week old twist out LOL!)