Spring is around the corner!!! FREE fun in the Sun with the kiddos…

The little one loves flowers..
Its so much to discover and explore… 

Lowe’s Garden Center… My girls helped me pick out flowers to put in the flower bed this Spring..

In Pet Smart…The little one wasn’t too excited to see dogs roam free in the store. LOL!

I love this picture!! LOL!

The sun is SHINING!!! Its awesome to get out and enjoy the sunshine. You don’t have to spend tons of money to have fun with the kiddos. Nature always has something new and exciting to learn and enjoy!

One Child, One Planet: Inspiration for the Young Conservationist

One Child, One Planet….
(My little one picking pecans)
Preview the book online http://onechildoneplanet.com They are even on Facebook!!
One Child, One Planet: Inspiration for the Young Conservationist (Emerald Shamrock Press, 2009) is a loving tribute to Mother Earth, her gifts and her greatest concerns. One Child, One Planet teaches gentle lessons on greenhouse gases, climate change, going green and conservation, providing practical ways for children to protect Earth’s fragile environment.

My little one with her autographed copy of One Child, One Planet. Environment, Green Kids

My daughters holding up their new book… Young Conservationists!!

My oldest and I having a blast at a new park we found when I got lost…(long story) LOL!