Hot Hair: The Fiercest Natural Hairstyles (Essence Mag)

Essence hit the streets of New York City to find the coolest new ways to rock curly, coily and kinky tresses. From intricate, twisted updos to halos of fluffy curls, check out these sexy, chic, natural wonders.  Read more: Hot Hair: The Fiercest Natural Hairstyles

Credit: Darryl Calmese Jr.

Beyonce wears Vintage in her video….FLASHBACK!!!

I just saw this video, (Why Don’t You Love Me) by Beyonce again this weekend for the 100th time…its not a new video but its the first time I really noticed how many vintage pieces Beyonce wore. I love any and all things vintage and its groovy to see vintage on the tube. I posted this video before but I had to post it again because the threads are just that DOPE!

Dear VV Brown, I’m a FAN!!!

Vanessa Brown, aka VV Brown, began her career as a singer, songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist and producer singing backing vocals for Madonna and the Pussy Cat Dolls.

She has the best vintage, retro, eclectic, eccentric style ever with smokin’ pipes to match!!!

Check out her video…this girl is a STAR!!!

NEW (old) ARRIVALS!!!! Have you joined the Eco-Centric Vintage Boutique fan page yet???

Ujamaa (oo-jah-MAH): Collective economics

To build, maintain, and support our own stores, establishments, and businesses.

Maybe Amber Rose might like this one… (LOL)

This one is so fly, remember wearing crests on the pocket of your clothes in the 80’s? If this was my size I’d wear this with a big chunky belt and slouch boots.

This one is the show-stopper!! It belonged to a boutique owner back in the 1970’s… The orginal sale tag is still attached!! It reads, ” 6-20-70″ $17….How cool is that???? Too bad its only a Size 4 which means I can’t SQUEEZE into it!!



SHOP LOCAL TODAY!! Visit the mom and pop stores and show your support for the struggling business owner. Keep your money in our comminities!!

Coming Soon::::Eco-Centric Vintage Boutique!!!

This dress inspired my decision to sell Vintage pieces like this one featured above online. Initially I purchased this dress from a high-end consignment shop for my daughter. I don’t know what I was thinking, since its sheer my hubz said ABSOLUTELY NOT! I guess I figured she could wear a cami and/or a slip under it but he said no among other dresses like this one. The other dresses sold on eBay super fast so I decided to start selling vintage pieces on the side. So far business is booming on eBay….It was an older Caucasian lady that encouraged me to do this. We are both regulars at this particular consignment shop and met at an Estate Sale. She said, “Honey you have an eye to be such a young thing..people will pay you to do what you love.” I love finding a diamond among rubbage..I ordered my mannequins and my plan is in motion. I will start a Facebook fan page where I will announce each new listing so stay tuned for that. Everything will be listed on eBay and payed via PayPal for secure transactions. I always wanted to have my own little boutique that served wine, fancy tea, coffees, gourmet danish and biscotti to my shoppers…You never know what the future holds. I may be able to parlay this vision into a nice little side-gig situation!! LOL!!

(This dress is available for purchase)