NEW (old) ARRIVALS!!!! Have you joined the Eco-Centric Vintage Boutique fan page yet???

Ujamaa (oo-jah-MAH): Collective economics

To build, maintain, and support our own stores, establishments, and businesses.

Maybe Amber Rose might like this one… (LOL)

This one is so fly, remember wearing crests on the pocket of your clothes in the 80’s? If this was my size I’d wear this with a big chunky belt and slouch boots.

This one is the show-stopper!! It belonged to a boutique owner back in the 1970’s… The orginal sale tag is still attached!! It reads, ” 6-20-70″ $17….How cool is that???? Too bad its only a Size 4 which means I can’t SQUEEZE into it!!



SHOP LOCAL TODAY!! Visit the mom and pop stores and show your support for the struggling business owner. Keep your money in our comminities!!

Can you guess who?

Recently I was flipping channels and Cadillac Records was on, I went to see this movie at the theatre when it came out but I decided to watch it again since nothing else was on…I was very curious as to what the actual characters looked like. Who were the people that inspired this film? If you follow this blog you already know how fascinated I am with OLD pictures. Can you guess who is who?