Vesta on the Monique show


I can dig it!

I really love this song by Miguel ft J. Cole. When I first heard this song on a compilation CD I must admit that I didn’t instantly love it. I guess I wasn’t really paying attention. You can say that I failed to take it all in…but OH BOY!! When I did finally sit back and listened to the track/lyrics was when the smooth groove hit me. I am a major fan of J.Cole, he is major…but I wasn’t familiar with Miguel. This is the kindof song you can play after a long day, with a glass of Moscato…just relaxin! After having this song on repeat for the last half hour I am sold. I love good music for “grown folk”!

Chris Breezy….He’s BACKKKKKK!

I know Chris hasn’t been the fan favorite lately, especially after the the drama with Ri Ri but I can’t front..this is my jam! I loved it instantly. I heard it a while back and it continues to stay in rotation…You don’t have to be breaking up with your boo to feel the lyrics…Tyga was going so hard that I had to google dude. We have all had these feelings before, right? Even if you haven’t this song is the hotness. I see ya Chris Breezy, all is forgiven holmes! LOL! Just keep your hands to yourself …

I wish you best of luck…No more tryin to make it work …now I’m bout to throw them deuces up … Tryna see eye to eye but it’s like we both blind … My heart big but it beat quiet….I don’t never feel like we vibin….Cause every time we alone it’s a awkward silence….I flip that middle finger and the index finger follow…

How can you not love it? I tried to find the ‘clean’ version…no luck. Sowey. 🙂